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Welcome to Omni Careers & Staffing Services!

With an increasing need for hiring efficiency, more and more companies are turning to staffing agencies to fill short-term positions and find permanent workers.

At Omni Careers & Staffing Services you'll find our employees to be skilled, organized, educated workers who can fill positions such as computer programmers, welders, project managers and graphic designers. Many come from professional backgrounds having been
the fallout of workforce reductions across America while others are looking to return to the workforce after a self-imposed absence.

The advantages are great! Temporary workers can fill short-term needs through peak business periods. Or i
n temp-to-hire scenarios, temporary workers allow companies to get to know whether a candidate is right for the job.

Save your company money. Omni Careers &¬†Staffing includes in its billing costs all worker’s compensation and unemployment insurances, FUTA , FICA and SUI tax costs and deductions. Also all administrative and recruitment fees including advertising, prescreen interviews, reference and background checks and pre-employment drug screening as requested.

  We understand that your time is best devoted to your core business.
Looking to Hire? We can provide you with people who fit your needs:
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